Bali Natur The Purity Of Bali

Bali Natur About Us

Looks, the more modern the world, the more new products are produced, but the amount of it affects the health of the whole world as well, as the needs of the body. Because we know how important life is, we here produce natural products to support our health. Our products are well made in terms of quantity and quality.

We are not a big factory, not a big company either, we are just a Home Industry who produces hand made Cold Pressed Coconut Oil and Traditional Herbs in Bali.

Our products are based on local ingredients sourced from local farmers. Our products are Organic, Natural and preservative free.

Our current range includes:

- Bali Natur Virgin Coconut Oil

- Bali Natur Massage Oil

- Coconut Cooking Oil

- Bali Natur Coconut Soaps

- Red Ginger Powder

- Turmeric Powder

Bali Natur employs local women from around the village to help with the processing of the oil. This ensures that local people are employed in local business.

Our Products